Welcome to Silver Run Electric, a member of the LS Power Group.

Stability. Reliability. Efficiency.

Silver Run Electric, LLC is an electric transmission utility company. We are here to deliver uninterrupted power to homes and businesses in Delaware and New Jersey.

Who is Silver Run Electric?

SRE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LS Power, a power generation, transmission and investment group. We are a team of ecologically sensitive power grid experts, environmental specialists, electrical engineers and construction managers. Together with local third-party consultants, biologists, surveyors and engineers, we work to bring stability, reliability and efficiency to the Mid-Atlantic power grid.

Our Successes


Our team has an outstanding record on environmental issues and treats each project as if Mother Earth is the client.

“Every step in this project has been evaluated for its ecological footprint.” David Wilson, SRE Environmental Engineer

Wetland habitats, locations of historic importance, areas used for recreation and hunting and other important resources are being identified and considered during the routing process.


Our team was responsible for creating Dover SUN Park, a 10MW solar facility constructed in Dover, Delaware – one of the first utility scale installations in the eastern U.S..

The park contributes toward Delaware’s clean energy goal to produce 20% of energy from renewable sources by 2019. Power generated from the plant is sufficient to provide electricity to 1,500 homes.

The team also developed the natural gas-fired West Deptford Energy Station in West Deptford, New Jersey. The facility is regarded as one of the most efficient plants in the entire electrical system.


SRE established a first-of-its-kind project cost cap of $146 million to protect electricity consumers from paying for cost overruns; a new, consumer-focused approach in the utility world.

The innovative spirit extends to SRE’s use of customized transmission technologies to minimize and even eliminate the impacts associated with conventional methods.

Fast Facts

1Keeping the Lights On
Silver Run Electric (SRE) is a power transmission company, bringing power from the generating source to your home and office at the flick of a switch.
2To DE, NJ and Beyond
SRE is developing a new power connection between the Delmarva Peninsula and southern New Jersey to resolve a reliability problem identified by the grid operator.
3Better Than $1 Billion
The SRE transmission line is capable of carrying 940 megawatts. A new generator with the same rating could cost upwards of $1 billion.
4Uncork The Bottleneck
The Silver Run Project will reduce energy bottlenecks within the Delmarva Peninsula, resulting in approximately $17 million in load savings to Delmarva electric consumers annually according to a study by the grid operator.