About Us

About Silver Run Electric

Silver Run Electric is an electric transmission utility company responsible for the permitting, development, construction, operation, and maintenance of the Silver Run Project.  Silver Run Electric, as a member of the LS Power Group, benefits from the experience and resources LS Power has developed in nearly three decades of successful projects.


Innovation and Investment in Energy

Founded in 1990, LS Power is an employee-owned developer, investor, and operator of power generation, transmission, and energy infrastructure projects in North America. In that time, LS Power has invested over $40 billion to construct, acquire, and operate energy projects — generating more than 41,000 MW of power and over 560 miles of transmission infrastructure and creating thousands of construction and operations jobs in communities throughout the country. In every project, LS Power’s development philosophy centers on meeting the needs of customers by providing safe, reliable, competitive energy while protecting the environment and working together with local communities. Learn more at www.lspower.com

Interconnection with SRE

If you are interested in connecting a generator or transmission line to SRE’s system, you must meet certain facility connection and performance requirements that are established to avoid adverse impacts on reliability. Please review SRE’s Interconnection Requirements, which provide an overview of the connection requirements for new interconnection customers. Interested parties should also review the interconnection procedures and requirements established by PJM at www.pjm.com.

Standards of Conduct

Information on SRE’s standards of conduct can be found at: www.lspower.com/ferc-conduct-standards/