One of the potentially devastating effects of a snowstorm, hurricane, or major earthquake is disruption of the power grid. Loss of electrical power can change things in an instant, sometimes affecting the wellbeing of families and success of businesses.

Storms are the leading cause of outages in the U.S. electric grid, with power outages from storms costing our nation’s economy as much as $33 billion every year.

What exactly is the power grid? It’s a complex network of generators, transformers, switches, breakers, and controls, all interconnected by more than 80,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines in the system serving the Mid-Atlantic and beyond.

The grid is an amazing system that continuously balances power generation and consumption – every time you flip a switch, the grid instantly reacts to provide electricity to power your light.

Fortifying the power grid to make it more resilient and reliable is critically important – a constantly ongoing process as population and businesses grow and relocate. Transmission utilities do this through system upgrades to meet consumer demands and better withstand and recover from weather-related threats.

In our neck of the woods, Silver Run Electric is teaming with local consultants, biologists, surveyors, and engineers to boost the reliability and efficiency of the power grid. Our project consists of a new high-voltage transmission interconnection between Delaware and southern New Jersey that works to resolve system stability issues present today.

We’re developing and will construct and operate two new grid components—the Silver Run Substation in New Castle County and a transmission line under the Delaware River that connects Silver Run to the existing Hope Creek Substation in Salem County, New Jersey. The Silver Run Project features state-of-the-art technology to not just address stability issues but allow the grid to operate more reliably when a natural disaster occurs and more efficiently when the grid is most stressed.

As our world grows more reliant on the electrical grid to power our homes, businesses, and increasingly even our transportation, maintaining the flow of electricity regardless of the severity and frequency of storms makes upgrades like the Silver Run Project all the more critical.