Media Kit

Welcome to the Silver Run Electric (SRE) media kit page. We’ve compiled a list of essential materials to help you learn all about how we plan to improve the stability and reliability of the power grid here in the Mid-Atlantic. We hope these documents provide a good understanding about our project, as well as offering some fascinating facts about the electric grid system and how vital it is to keep it working properly.

These are some of the same materials used in our outreach efforts across the States of Delaware and New Jersey with local, state and government elected officials; community groups; environmental advocates, and hundreds of elementary, high school and college students.

Find out how SRE is bringing another first to Delaware: innovative underwater technology never used before in the United States that will help build a better, more resilient electrical grid. Get a first-hand glimpse into our dedication and commitment to protecting the Delmarva environment. Explore our journey, from surveying Delaware River marshes to planning construction around boats, helicopters, and low-ground pressure equipment.

These downloadable materials provide information about our transmission line project, as well as our initiatives to protect area wildlife, natural habitats and community recreational spaces.

  • Project Schematic – an in-depth, birds-eye-view illustration of the project
  • Project Brochure – a tri-fold handout for classrooms and communities about the project and how we improve grid reliability
  • Environmental Infographic – from protecting birds to timing riverbed activities to using helicopters to minimize our footprint, learn about our dedication to the environment
  • Fun Facts – a highlights summary of the project and how it benefits the Mid-Atlantic
We welcome community and media inquiries. So, if you want more information, we encourage you to submit your request and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.